Tips Sex - Boost Your Forplay Quotieny And You Think About Sex A Lot

Improve the quality of foreplay and she’ll never again bug you about the quantity. “If you act as if you’re just going through the motions to get to the sex, she’s going to notice, and it will take longer for her to get excited,” says Michael Perry, Ph.D., a sex therapist in Encino, California.

And we don't just mean while you're getting busy or whenever you see that so-sexy-it-should-be-illegal guy at your gym. "Sex has a strong mental component," says Kerner. So pay attention when you have a sensual thought or feel randomly aroused throughout the day, and don't immediately dismiss it. "Allow yourself to feel eroticized and observe what's sexy around you," says Kerner. Still don't believe your brain and your libido are connected? Check out exactly what's going on in your brain during an orgasm.
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Tips Sex - Doggy Style Position (Education 18+)

Title : Learning About Doggy Style Position 18+.
Description : Sex Education with Asian and westeren sample models.

Tips Doggy Style : Stimulate your clitoris. I swear to all higher beings, this one tip will change your life. Seriously, if you ignore everything else I’ve written, don’t ignore this. Even if you love G-spot stimulation, the clitoris is your pleasure center. 4000 nerve ending with no other purpose than feeling good. So grab your favorite vibe or use your fingers and go to town.

Tips For Women : Use Pillows
Another surefire fix for rug burn on your knees: Prop yourself up with pillows, giving yourself a cushy foundation to rest on. Or lay completely flat on the bed and place a few pillows underneath your waist. This will create a great angle for him to enter you from behind, says Sadie Allison, Ph.D., author of The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris.
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Know About Body Painting Contest - New Sexy Artistic

 Pinky bOObs
Title : Body Painting Contest
Description : Top Art of Body Painting collection. Sexy Art.
Wikipedia : La peinture corporelle ou body-painting est une des premières formes d’expression plastique pratiquée par l'humanité, qui connaît une renaissance sous forme modernisée à l'époque actuelle. À l'aube de l'humanité, les humains découvrent la terre colorée, le charbon de bois, la craie, le jus des baies colorées, le sang des animaux et bien d'autres couleurs qui servent peut-être à impressionner l'ennemi, sous forme de peinture de guerre, ou de signe reconnaissance à l'intérieur d'une tribu. Cette technique de maquillage primitif a pu aussi servir de camouflage pour la chasse.

La peinture corporelle, ressurgie en Occident à l'époque contemporaine, y est devenue objet de création. Art éphémère, le peintre crée une œuvre picturale sur son modèle. Plusieurs festivals lui sont consacrés, dont celui de Seeboden en Autriche World bodypainting festival et celui de Bruxelles en Belgique lors du Festival international du film fantastique, The International Body Painting Contest. (wikipedia bodypainting)
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Gadis Pecinta Kenikmatan Sex - Liar Saat Bercinta Demi Puncak Gairah Surga Dunia

Title : Gadis Pecinta Kenikmatan Sex - Liar Saat Bercinta Demi Puncak Gairah Surga Dunia Tak Terbatas, Indahnya Bercinta Diusia Dini.
Descriptions : Nafsu remaja yang tidak terbendung, mengundang syahwat kontol dan vagina saling tusuk dan melumat rongga lorong hitam penuh lendir kenikmatan. Foto ini hanya pemuas sesaat kamu, namun yang terpenting adalah nikmatilah hubungan sex kamu selagi kontol masih siap menancap dilubang memek dan menari diselah-selah paha pacar atau pasangan intim kamu.
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Hijabers Bispak Pamer Toked Gede Puting Imut Asli ABG Cewek Indonesia

Title : Hijabers Bispak Pamer Toked Gede Puting Imut Asli ABG Cewek Indonesia
Description : Hijabers juga manusia, punya nafsu birahi yang bisa memuncak diatas ranjang dan menggigil nikmat sembari pamer puting susu, dan lendir nikmat. Jangan lupa ajak pacar kamu dan remas payudaranya sampai memerah dengan kenikmatan surga dunia yang tak terlupakan.
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